St Dunstan in the East


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St Dunstan in the East is located on St Dunstan’s Hill, between London Bridge and Tower of London. This old Church garden is one of the best London ruins.

It hosts exotic plants, cobbled paths, variety of flowers and so on.

Panosurf prepared St Dunstan in the East’s 360º interactive virtual tour in a nice sunny London day.

This 360º virtual tour is composed of 7 great panoramas.

You can either click on the circles located on the map of the St Dunstan or follow the purple arrows on the virtual tour to visit this wonderful ruins.

We suggest you to see on full screen to enjoy the every single detail of the nature and the historic walls. To find out how to use this 360º virtual tour, you can click on the “?” icon on the right end corner.

We hope you will feel the exotic plants, and the history while taking our virtual tour of St Dunstan in the East.




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