Ridley Road Market



Since 1880, Ridley Road Market serves to public with many shops and stalls in Dalston, London. Stalls have a wide range of goods from food to, clothes, jewellery, fabrics, suitcases, etc. It gives an unique experience of African, Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean cultures. The shops behind the stalls have a surprising variety. From hairdressers to butchers, fish shops and a bagel shop you might find something for your own interest. The affordable prices of Ridley Road Market make it poppular and full of people. You arose by the different smells, colours and noises while walking through the Ridley Road. This market celebrates a multicultural environment. In the evenings, the Ridley Road becomes a trendy area with the effect of regeneration in Dalston. The bar and the art gallery located on the road attract many people.


Our 3 part virtual tour of Ridley Road Market shows the road from one side to the other with 360º panoramic views.