Brighton Beach



A very long pebble beach of Brighton attracts many people. There are loads of small seaside shops, bars, restaurants,cafes, artisan and art shops along the beachfront walk way.

It has two famous piers; West Pier and the Palace Pier known as Brighton Pier. The West Pier was built in 1866. It was closed in 1975 and experienced two fires and several storms since then. Now, it seems like a rusty metal artefact detached from the shore. The Brighton Pier was opened in 1899. It is an amusement pier with its funfair, food stalls and pubs. Sitting on the pier’s deckchairs you can watch the fantastic sunset of Brighton. The lights, music, and the wind creates a very nice atmosphere and makes the place a must see.


Between two piers there is The Big Green Bagel, a big circular sculpture. It is commonly known as Seasick Doughnut and was a present of the Mayor of Naples. An other attraction on the each is the Brighton Wheel, which was opened to public in 2011. It is located next to the Brighton Pier.


In our 360º panoramic tour of the Brighton Beach, you will see the reddish pebble beach, West Pier’s rusty columns, Seasick Doughnut and Brighton Wheel closely.