Why Panosurf

  • We use specialised photographic equipment, techniques and advanced software to create virtual tours.

  • We create high-definition full screen virtual tours.

  • Our virtual tours have 360° horizontal and vertical field of view.

  • We can link several panoramas into each other to provide a walk through experience. To see examples please look at our portfolio.

  • We integrate floor plans, hotspots, additional still images, informative texts, videos, and audio into our virtual tours according to your preferences and needs.

Floor Plan: Interactive floor plans linked to the virtual tours enable people move within a space. Dimensionally correct floor plans with a compass heading makes easy to visualize the place dimensions and directions.

Hotspots: Hotspots are the signs pointing additional information, which may contain external links, still images, texts or videos and more. We can include several hotspots in our virtual tours to make them more exciting and interactive.

Still Images: We can include still images that you want to show with your virtual tour. We can take those photos for you as a part of our still photography service.

Audio: We can add a background music including adjustable volume control or any audio supplementary to your virtual tour design.

  • Virtual tours created by Panosurf are easy to control by the web users.

  • Panosurf guarantees 100% satisfaction and has packages for every budget.