What is Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is a simulated panoramic tour of a place which might include a number of custom features such as navigation , floor plans, audio, still images, hotspots, etc.

Interactive floor plans linked to the virtual tours enable people move within a space. Dimensionally correct floor plans with a compass heading makes easy to visualize the place dimensions and directions.

Hotspots are the signs pointing additional information, which may contain still images, texts or videos and more. We can include several hotspots in our virtual tours to make them more exciting and interactive.

Virtual Tours provide realistic appearance of your location through using a series of panoramic photographs and advanced technology. Virtual Tours have been becoming important components of websites. They also can be used as a part of presentations and shown on commercial screens for the advertisements.

What is a Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic photography requires a special technique of stitching several photographs to have one wide photograph. Panosurf uses qualified technique, panoramic equipment and sophisticated photo editing softwares. Therefore, we create perfectly aligned photographs.

Why include a virtual tour on your website?

We all have busy lives and consumers want information, fast. Our high quality virtual tours, will provide your potential customers with an immediate 360 degree view of your business, wherever they are, or you are, in the world. The interactive nature of our tours, allows your visitors full control. It’s as close as they’ll get to strolling around your space, while sitting at home or at their office desk.

Do I need to do any preparation before the shooting?

We expect you to clean and tidy up your place before we arrive. You do not have to change the order of your place. Our aim to reflect your place as it is, so people will not be disappointed when they visit you.

How long does a photo shoot take?

One panoramic photo shoot takes approximately 20 minutes.

When will I receive my virtual tour?

We deliver the first draft of your virtual tour in 2 days time. After getting feedback from you, the project can be delivered within a week depending on how many panoramas and what kind of features are included in your project. Because every virtual tour project has different features, final delivery time may varies from 2 days up to 7 days.